Frequently Asked Questions


The exact amount we charge usually depends on the word count of the document, excluding the reference section (we still check the references for consistency). Please send us your manuscript so that we can give you a detailed estimate regarding time and price.

Our standard rate (4-6 business days) is:
0.15 USD/word

Our express rate (1-2 business days) is:
0.18 USD/word

Supporting information files containing up to 300 words are edited for free. For the word count beyond 300 words, a charge of 0.075 USD/word (standard rate) or 0.09 USD/word (express rate) is applicable.

A minimum charge of 70 USD applies for small documents.


  • First-time customers will receive a 10% discount
  • Large manuscripts (> 10,000 words) will be subject to a negotiable discount

Payment Options

You can pay either by PayPal (credit card) or by bank transfer (Raiffeisenbank, Lloyds TSB, or Banco do Brasil).

For any form of payment, you will receive a detailed invoice in agreement with the requirements of your institution (please inform us about the specifics).

For our Brazilian customers, we are able to issue a nota fiscal eletrônica (with CNPJ).


We understand the importance of protecting your personal details and intellectual property. Therefore, we treat your data with the utmost confidentiality (all exchanged files will be protected by password). We do not share, sell, or forward your information to any third party at any time, or under any circumstances. Our editors are prohibited from disclosing any details of your intellectual property to any external party.


We enjoy our work and we dedicate ourselves to high quality standards. We pay as much attention as possible to the editing process and we do our best to keep your documents safe. 

However, we cannot assume any responsibility for the final content, meaning, and/or use of your documents or manuscripts. Editing or correction of any of your documents does not involve any change in ownership or copyright. Ownership and copyright are retained at all times by the author. 

Send us your manuscript now for a quote. It's easy, it's quick, and it's free of charge.

An e-mail in English is not required, please just write “request quote” in the subject line.