Editing Method

We are not native-English speakers, and we consider this to be a strong advantage. Whereas native speakers tend to write intuitively, our editors have spent decades studying English. 

Moreover, our editors are not only fluent in English, but also in several other languages (German, Portuguese, Spanish, and French), which means that you can discuss your objectives, or any questions and doubts you might have, in a language you are comfortable with.  

Our ultimate goal is to produce a final document for you, which is written to the standards of a native English expert. Nevertheless, we respect and try to preserve the personal style of the author and make changes only where necessary. 

We also guarantee to assign only one principal editor per manuscript in order to ensure a maximum of consistency. This also means that there will be only one contact person for you from start to finish. 

Editing details

What we will do 

  • Correct errors regarding spelling, grammar, and punctuation 
  • Correct improper or poor word choice
  • Improve the general readability and flow of the manuscript
  • Ensure general brevity of the text
  • Check the manuscript content for logic and structure
  • Format the manuscript in a consistent style (e.g. headings and references)
  • Add comments and suggestions on the scientific or statistical methodology, as well as on the scientific accuracy of the statements made in the document.


Editing process

We operate an iterative editing process

During the first step, we will execute all the aforementioned operations, and we will add specific comments and suggestions. All corrections will be made using the "Track Changes" tool in "Word". This will allow you to follow and check all the changes we have made.

We will return this document to you, so that you can check all our corrections. At this step, it is very important that all changes are checked carefully to ensure that the scientific content and meaning has not been compromised. Should you disagree with any particular correction or suggestion, please add your own comments to this document via "Track Changes". 

For the second step of the process, please return the latest version of the manuscript to us. We will then revise your manuscript again, taking all your comments into consideration.

Satisfaction guarantee

We will continue this process, until you are fully satisfied with the manuscript. - No "ifs", no "buts". We want you to be satisfied with the text before you submit. That's our mission and, as far as we can see, our only guarantee to stay in business.

For further details, please download the Word-Document  here.

For further details, please download the Word-Document here.

Should editors or referees demand further changes regarding grammar or language, we will usually carry out these changes free of charge. However, if substantial changes have been made to the manuscript after our corrections, additional reasonable charges may apply.

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