"Ego sum rex Romanorum et super grammaticam - I am king of the Romans and above grammar."

Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg (1368 – 1437)

Good for Sigismund - but unfortunately not all of us are in such a privileged position.

Today, success in science depends more than ever on the publication of research results in scientific journals with high impact factors. Most of these journals require submissions in English.

This can cause problems if your native language is not English. Outstanding scientists in leading positions will have to divide their time between research, administration, and teaching, and such busy schedules often leave little time to practice English skills. Regardless, impeccable English is indispensable for publishing in journals with high impact factors.

So what can you do, if you think that the level of your English does not match the level of your science?

One option is to hire specialists like us. We write, edit, and proofread the all types of scientific and academic texts. We are extremely well qualified for this purpose: our editors not only have a strong background in active research, but also teaching degrees in English.

 Scientific and Academic Texts

Scientific publications (e.g. papers, reviews, book chapters)
Grant proposals (e.g. project outlines, reports) 
Research projects (e.g. Master, PhD, postdoctoral level)
Theses (e.g. Master, PhD)
PowerPoint presentations / manuscripts (e.g. conferences, meetings)

Your Correspondence

We also provide support for your correspondence with other scientists, administrators, examiners, or editors. 

Letters of motivation
Reference letters
Cover letters
Rebuttal letters in response to comments from editors and referees

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